Sindhis: Daswani Kavita (Journalist- LA)


An American author, who started her career as a journalist for South China Morning Post when she only 17 years old. She lived in Hong Kong, before moving to Los Angeles in 2000.

Now 36 years old, she has written several books that represent her passion and love for the Indian culture.

In her books, we see how young Indian girls are trying to break away from their tradition in pursuit of their dreams. She also brings some of her own life’s experiences into her books.

A unique feature in Kavita’s books is the combination of humor and culture tension that make them a good read.

She has been a fashion correspondent for


CNBC Asia, and

Women’s Wear Daily,

She has written for the Los Angeles Times and

International Herald Tribune, among many other publications, and

She has been the fashion editor for the

South China Morning Post in Hong Kong.

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  • suman datta  On September 30, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I have read a few of Kavita’s books. thoroughly enjoyed. She has the capacity to engage the readers.
    best wishes

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