70 Lakh Sindhis in India seek place in parliament

A plea has been made to Congress President Sonia Gandhi to ensure representation of the 70-lakh Sindhi community in Parliament by nomination on the lines of that being given to the Anglo-Indians.

In a memorandum submitted to Gandhi, an organisation representing the Sindhis claimed that if some arrangement for them in the present political set up was not done, “Sindhis will remain political orphans in their own country”.

A delegation of the United Federation of Sindhi Associations and Panchayats of India (UFSAPI), headed by Maharashtra Congress spokesman Kanhaiyalal Gidwani requested the UPA Chairperson that Sindhis  should be given 4 members in the Lok Sabha, 3 in Rajya Sabha & 4 in Legislative Councils in various states.

Noting that Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, UP, Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Chhattisgarh are the states were the Sindhis are in a sizable number, the Federation also wanted a National Development Board for the Sindhis.

They claimed that 30 per cent of the Sindhis are still living below poverty line in India.

They also wanted setting up of a “Sindhu Bhawan” in Delhi on the lines of state bhawans.

Apart from Gidwani, former Judge of Rajasthan High Court Justice J S Israni, Harish Dubey (Daryanani) and Nanakram Ahuja, both General Secretaries of UFSAPI, comprised the over 50-member delegation.

“We have been rendered stateless in India… All we request for is to be treated on par with other communities so that we do not feel like outsiders in our own motherland,” the delegation told Gandhi, who promised them to look into the matter, according to Gidwani

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