Sindhi Langauge History

Sindhi speech is generally classified into six major dialects:

i. Siraiki,

spoken in Siro, i.e. Upper Sindh

Shikarpuri ?

ii. Vicholi,

in Vicholo, Central Sindh

Bhaibands & Amils ?

iii. Lari,

in Laru, i.e. Lower Sindh

iv. Lasi,

in Lasa B’elo, a part of Kohistan in Baluchistan on the western side of Sindh

v. Thari or Thareli,

in Tharu, the desert region on the southeast border of Sindh and a part of the Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan

vi. Kachhi,

in the Kutch region and in a part of Kathiawar in Gujarat, on the southern side of Sindh.

Vicholi is considered as the standard dialect by all Sindhi speakers.

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