Shikarpur: Udhawdas Tarachand Hospital Photo

The Impressive Shikarpur Civil Hospital was built by RAI BAHADUR UDHAVDAS TARACHAND. It was opened in 1937 by His Excellency Sir Lancelot Graham, Governor of Sindh.

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  • agha haider  On March 9, 2011 at 5:06 am

    While searching online for a college friend, Kishore Kumar Pahuja (from Shikarpur Sindh-current where abouts unknown), I stop at this website, to thank the founders (and their descendents) of this hospital.

    In early 1970s, I was rushed to this hospital after a snake bite. This was the only place in the whole city where treatment for snake bite was available. This probably saved my life. I also want to thank the descedents of the founders of Chelaram & Sitaldas Govt. Degree Science College for Secondary and Higer Secondary education.

    What else shall I thank for… Achar (Khatan), Papar, Mithai, Qulfa, Lakhi Dar, Hazari Dar, Shahi Bagh, Ghanta Ghar… and Thadal.. for the hot summer days.

    Will I ever be able to go back and visit the old Havelis, meet my friends, the Sheikhs, The Pathans, The Syeds, my favorite high school teacher…. Haseeb Sahib and the great Professor Tajammul Hussain?, not to mention Pahujas and Dr. Bhaqwandas.

    Jiyay SIndh

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