Malaysia: Sindhis – origins.

Sindhis mainly from Karachi & Hyderabad, Surat Sindhis
were either from their home provinces or from Bombay.

The first Sindhi families arrived in the 1800s.

Many arrived via Singapore and Indonesia, as their businesses already had affiliations there.

Records show that the earliest Sindhi business was set up in Beach Street in 1860 by the Surtani family, now known by the surname Hassaram.

During the 1920s, more Sindhis migrated to Penang and opened businesses in Beach Street and Bishop Street.

Prior to partition of India in 1947, there were not more than a handful of Sindhi families in Penang. The greater portion of Sindhi migration occurred after partition, when Sindhi Hindus were left without a homeland.

Many Sindhis left Sind – some stayed on in India, while many migrated to different parts of the world.  Sindhis were mainly involved in the retail and wholesale of textiles and imported goods, and had a formidable network of business links throughout South East Asia as well as other countries because of their overseas Sindhi brethren.

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